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Nick Naylor has been called many things...


12/8/12 04:37 pm

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8/24/08 02:14 pm

Lake Ella is flooded, little baby rodents of some kind (rats? Squirrels? Possums?) died and were outside the kitchen door :(. Bruce was nice enough to bury them. We all fought several leaks at PUC yesterday, we have two pumps going. Luckily we have a shop vac to clean up the huge puddles every few hours...

Other than that, church was lovely and I made it through Seminole Sensation Week stub. I didn't think I could, but I did! God heard my prayers... Oh! I got my schedule straightened out too so I'm happy :D! see everyone later!

5/23/08 12:12 am

Nothing Like a good movie to lift the spirits! Indiana Jones lifted them out of the stratosphere :D!

5/8/08 08:55 pm

there is nothing better in the world than the clickety-clack of a new keyboard.

3/23/08 11:20 pm

Happy Easter!

1/15/07 01:09 am

Had to take a stupid required alcohol course online for FSU. Here was my response to "How would you rate your experience?"

"I've had these courses over and over again since I was in the 5th grade. I find it insulting that even though I don't drink and have had this information preached to me REPEATEDLY the powers that be decide that I don't remember any of the information and this is all totally new. God gave me a brain and I don't need to be told 50,000 times that getting in the car with an inebriated person is a bad idea. I understand what you all are trying to do, and it's very nice, but requiring all students to take an alcohol course when they could be studying just so some sorority girls mother doesn't call admissions in a rage insisting that her precious little lush doesn't drink is not fair."

12/12/06 10:01 am

coolest vid ever!


11/22/06 05:45 pm

Dad was surfing the web and found some funny Chevy Tahoe ads, apparently, to coincide with a contest on the Apprintice, Chevy let people put together clips and text and create their own ads, with some unintended results...

I couldn't find one of the three but I found the funnier two, My fave:

Dad's fave:

11/22/06 12:27 am

Dad's been on a diet for some time, and we've been eating turkey burgers instead of beef ones (to cut down on red meat), and I personally thought they were tasteless and nasty. So, one night, I was making them and I doused them in Worcestershire sauce. They are now known as "Megan's burgers" and dad's been requesting them XD. I've tried to explain there's nothing special, but whatever. So I've been making burgers lately, and have been trying to use it as leverage to get mom to buy new pans, the current pans are cerca the Reagan administration. Nothing 22 years old (they were wedding presents) should be used in the kitchen on a daily basis. They're warped so it's like cooking on a cone, plus the tefflon is starting to wear off. In any case, here's the recipie, for you all to try at home:
get lean ground Turkey
put oven on high because you want it to heat up faster
douse ground beef with W. sauce (I'm not typing that out again >.<)
make patties
put on pan
lower heat to medium because it's cooking too fast and burning the outside while not cooking the inside and you're freaking out
add some more W sauce till the pink meat looks brown again, but not too much or you'll have this weird bubbly reaction and nothing will cook
alternate patties to the side of the pan "that cooks" if you have a 22 year old pan
cook till done, adding more W sauce if patties don't look brown (normal Turkey burgers are white)

remember, as long as they LOOK like beef patties, you've added enough W sauce, serve/enjoy

11/5/06 03:02 am


vegetables in slow motiiooonnnn!
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